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 look like bill clinton

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PostSubject: look like bill clinton   Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:10 pm

hoes on my dick cause i look like bill clinton/ fucked her on the table she said i can play position
camm out the water like a muthafuck vet/ niggas talkin down but you niggas gone respect

come thru nigga and im hot like fire fucked ya babys mother when they asked me bitch i lied
and i got the K and i smile like im kane and i got the freaks bitch i think im rick james
dick up inn her mouth i took it out because she chokin ask me what my name is bitch you better be jokin fucked ya main bitch and i robb'd her after sex
i dont give ah fuck bitch i am so conceded her pussy is an instrument i micheal jackson beat it
and i got the based nikes on everyday gooned out shit i treat the game like anna mae bitches talkin shit i put that cake up in her face
cookin rare meals bitch come get it while its hot i just brought a blunt bitch but i forgot the pot
but bitch im high on based so im high like astronauts guccimane my bitch i drew a tattoo on her face
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look like bill clinton
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