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 I go woogie

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PostSubject: I go woogie   Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:59 pm

came off the montain bitch im minty clean
fucked my main bitch and she bald like mr. clean
after some good sex then i poof like afro sheen
bitch i be myself i act goofy like sheen
bitch im goin woogie and i bang ka dang
fuck a hattin bitch i cant stand yall game
bitch im based up bitch im all 32 levels
my bitch actin naughty i think dat shes the she-devil
bitch i know im hot and im cookin like im racheal
my swag like the rainbow bitch nigga cant you taste it
fuck around wit me then them basedboys come eat you
paying for the pussy like im paying for a feature
im hittin hella licks in my based nikes bitch you see it
mortal kombat swagg bitch my swagg off the pit
got me in a box im finna pop like a zit
bitch im goon'd up you a clown like you it
same pants on but i comes wit dat 40
my bitch talkin down i told her go like im e-40
you know i got the cake bitch its basedyang shord
im rollin upa blunt and im straight wit ya shord
i dont give ah fuck bitch yeah im conceed'd
50 on my dick cause im wetter then fresh sement
100 racks bitch to suck my dick and i mean it
she said shell paid 200 hundred cause shes feening and she need it
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I go woogie
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