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 Rich Legend

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PostSubject: Rich Legend    Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:02 pm

im lookin fabalous on my shit
fuck you if you hattin bitch im on my dick
rarelegends ima show you who the bitch is
2 rings 8 chains 10 bitches
im in the trap bitch im lookin like Juiceman
rollin blunts and im drinking out the Joose can
i give ah fuck bitch i always been conceed'd
rich legend this the rich hoe remix
im outstanding and im wetter then achool
i fucked his bitch cause i paid for that applesauce
suck my dick bitch its basedyang shord
same pants but i comes wit dat glock-40


niggas lookin at me cause i fucked they bitch
niggas got a problem well say dat shit
wit my sqaud and im look like robin
matter fact bitch i look like Josh Brolin
in the game and im flexin like animal
2 nines and i look like Jon Bon Jovi
wit a white girl im lookin like im Kobe
shut the fuck up bitch you dont know me

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Rich Legend
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